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Budget 2013

All the news and reaction on Budget Day

  • We will finish up our blog now, but we will leave it open for you to leave comments and review what we already have in our coverage. Check out the Budget analysis in tomorrow's Examiner and more reaction on our website also. Thanks for joining us and for all your comments.
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  • I want to put this into perspective, i have been unemployed since 2007(not my choice) went back to college in 2008 as the Gov. advised us all to re-train. Got my Degree in 2011and still unemployed.
    55 years old with no prospects in the future and now owe more to the mortgage than what i originally borrowed, debts with Bank and local Credit Union (and these are my three main creditors). I get my Welfare on Mondays and within one hour it is all gone, with at least 70% paying bills. I have no heating as the Gas was cut off until i clear the bill, No T.V. outstanding bill, threats from Electricity about disconnection due to arrears and only today T.V. licence inspector called about the licence and told me unless i get one i will face court in the New Year. I have asked my CWO for help but have been told no, as i already received a payment back in February. Even if i was offered employment in the morning with a salary of €50,000 i would have to refuse as i would be worse off, at present the minimum salary i would accept to return to work and have a basic life would be €80,000 and with this i would barely survive.
    I have three children in all levels of education with my eldest still waiting for his grant to come through, and if this does not happen soon he will have to pull out of college. This SUSI system is not working, period, every time he sends in information they write back asking for more. Now i have looked at the original form that he filled in and 90% of the extra information he was asked for is not on this form, i believe they are making it up as they go along. This SUSI system is a product of this fumbling Gov.
    So i am asking all you people out there who support this Gov. what will i tell my children on Christmas morning, “Santa stayed over at Michael Noonans house and forgot about you”.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding my circumstances there are a lot more things going on but will the Gov. help me? Simple answer NO.
    Will they continue to help the high earners in this country? Answer HELL YEA.
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